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Taking a spin around the Green Ring

The Hamilton Green Ring is our proposal for linking up the parks and green spaces making up Hamilton’s historic Green Belt. For some background, please see our introductory post about the idea.

Last week I cycled around a possible route for the Green Ring project. I wanted to inspect the paths, road crossings, scenery, access to amenities and determine how much work would be required to make this idea a reality.

The answer? Not very much! In short, almost all of this provisional route is already sealed, with the exception of the section skirting Beetham Park between Rugby Park and Ulster St/Edgecumbe Park. As it stands, there are a couple of problematic road crossings at Ulster St (a pedestrian refuge is located within 100 m of the preferred crossing point) and Cobham Drive (which is just a nightmare to cross). However, in the case of the latter, there is a new signalised intersection planned for the junction of Wairere Drive and Cobham Drive, with provision for cyclists and walkers.

Speaking of Wairere Drive, a large section of the Green Ring is going to arrive ‘ready made’ to a high standard with Wairere’s linking up to Cobham Drive. However, I suggest that a future development of the route runs along the boundaries of the Hamilton East parks, giving better separation from what is going to be a very busy road and making for a more pleasant environment for walkers and cyclists.

I found the route already workable and, with the exception of a couple of road crossings, quite pleasant to cycle around. Probably the most vital thing required to make this collection of disparate parks and paths a contiguous piece of infrastructure would be milestones along the way and some signage at strategic locations showing times/distances to various attractions and amenities the path passes by. Some printed maps and promotion would be important too.

For now I have mapped the provisonal route and inserted photos and notes at various points of interest. Take a look:

Wairere Drive/Cobham Drive junction

The agenda (warning: 25 MB PDF!) of the Hamilton City Council Steering and Policy Committee, which opened yesterday reveals that a signalised junction with provision for active transport modes is the proposed form of the intersection of Wairere and Cobham Drives.

Wairere Dr/Cobham Dr connection

If accepted by council, this will provide a safe access route to the Hamilton Gardens for pedestrians and cyclists. It might also provide a crucial link in our Hamilton Green Ring proposal, skirting Flynn park and the velodrome in the aerial map above.