Hamilton Green Ring project

Hamilton Green Ring is a project initiated by Hamilton Urban Blog to link the various parks comprising Hamilton’s historic town belt, providing an off-road route for walkers and cyclists and a recreational resource par excellence.

The approximately 18.5 km loop links many of Hamilton’s best attractions and amenities, providing safe, pleasant and sustainable transport links to:

  • Hamilton Gardens
  • Hamilton Lake Domain
  • Claudelands Park and Event Centre
  • Hamilton Transport Centre
  • Waikato Stadium
  • Seddon Park
  • Waikato Hospital
  • Ruakura Research Centre
  • Waikato River Paths
  • Founders Theatre

Current Status

Thanks to the fact that the Green Ring uses existing sealed paths for most of its length, and runs through some 22 of Hamilton’s parks, there are already existing ‘feeder paths’ from many suburban streets. With the addition of a few markers and destination signposts, the city has an almost ready-made sustainable transport ring! We are asking that the Hamilton City Council provide assistance with installing markers and signposts, lay a path along the few hundred metres not already sealed and provide some safety improvements at several road crossings crucial to the route – we believe the city has a massive untapped recreational, tourism and sustainable transport resource in the form of the Green Ring!

Of course, the path isn’t intended to serve only as a loop/circuit. Like the Hamilton Ring Road project, people will ‘hop on’, travel some distance and then ‘hop off’ near their destination with minimal interaction with motor vehicles required. Detailed signposting showing distances and times to nearby points of interest for both walking and cycling will encourage everyday use of the path for both tourists and the many thousands of Hamilton residents who live and work in its direct vicinity.

Interactive Map

The below interactive map shows a provisional course in green, with some possible alternate routes for consideration in other colours. Zoom in and out and click the markers at various locations around the route to show photos of important sections.

Way Markers

Here’s a mock-up of a way marker that might be typical around the course. It shows local streets, local places of interest, course overview map, etc.

Green Way sample way marker

A sample way marker showing features.

In addition to the above attractions, the Green Ring would also link up to all of the following:


  • Claudelands Park (also HCC Destination Playground)
  • Jubilee Park
  • Marist Park
  • Hamilton East Tourist Park
  • Lugton Park
  • Clyde Park
  • Hillcrest Stadium (velodrome)
  • Flynn Park
  • Hamilton Gardens
  • Yendell Park
  • Graham Park
  • Hamilton Lake Domain (also HCC Destination Playground)
  • Norris Park
  • Seddon Park
  • Boyes Park
  • Hinemoa Park
  • Willoughby Park
  • Beetham Park
  • Edgecumbe Park
  • Ranfurly Park
  • Caro Park
  • Fairfield Park

Academic Institutions and Schools

  • Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec)
  • Waikato University (via a new 500m link path)
  • Hamilton Girls High School
  • Hamilton West Primary School
  • Fairfield Primary School
  • Knighton Normal School
  • Woodstock School
  • Southwell School (nearby)

Sports Facilities

  • Waikato Stadium
  • Marist Park Rugby Club
  • Dey Street Badminton Club
  • Hillcrest Velodrome
  • Hamilton Lake Domain Skating Rink/Bicycle Polo
  • Edgecumbe Street Table Tennis Hall
  • Prodrive Golf driving range
  • Lugton Park Squash Club
  • Hamilton Inline Hockey Club
  • Graham Park archery range
  • Seddon Park
  • Hamilton Squash and Tennis Club (Hinemoa Park)

Social and Cultural Facilities

  • Waikato Migrant Resource Centre
  • Hilda Ross Retirement Village

6 comments on “Hamilton Green Ring project

  1. […] and visitors and activating these will ease congestion and make Hamilton a more liveable city. Another step is for HCC to Adopt the Hamilton City Green Ring which meets the Council Priority #7 which is to “Become an Urban Garden” (sounds cool […]

  2. […] Another step is for HCC to Adopt the Hamilton City Green Ring which meets the Council Priority #7 which is to “Become an Urban Garden” (sounds cool right? It’s a shame its not reflected in anything in the 10 year plan). […]

  3. As somebody who walks daily to and from the CBD from May Street through Greensboro Park I appreciate the newly laid concrete path here. A similar path through Lugton park from Ford St. past the In line skating pavilion and tennis pavilion,already partly paved would also be appreciated. My alternative route, even more direct, through Hamilton Boy’s High Grounds would also benefit a paved pathway thus giving an almost straight walk into town from the university, encouraging students to walk, skate or cycle.

  4. Been pushing for a Sydney Green Ring (http://www.sydneygreenring.org) since 2008. Many people are enthused only there are so many local governments involved and the intractable Sydney Airports Corporation Ltd. Good luck with your project would be great to see it get up as proof of the latent and realised desire.

  5. The roundabout at Founders Theatre would go well with raised entry points so Bicyclist are made safer to ride around.

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