Hamilton advocacy groups

Listed below the independent groups in and around Hamilton that support Hamilton to improve.

(It should not assumed that the views authored on this site are the views of the groups below. Please contact individual groups for their own views)




Bike Hamilton  A Facebook forum for Hamilton’s cyclists to exchange ideas, share experiences, plan events, and generally talk about cycling in Hamilton. Ashley Hooper, Phil Guthrie and Max Coyle
Cycle Action Waikato  CAN is New Zealand’s national network of cycling advocates. We work with government, local authorities and the community on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment. Peter Bos, Rob Davidson and Claire Sherrington
Living Streets  Living Streets primary aim at present is to address issues surrounding major roads in Hamilton which make routine transport-type walking unfeasible for many. We have a number of major roads with no or inadequate crossing points for pedestrians and this tends to result in people taking cars for very short trips. If better pedestrian facilities were available we believe that a lot of road congestion could be alleviated and more people would be out there walking, with all the attendant benefits. They hoping to put their support strongly behind the walking school bus programme as school traffic is a huge contributor to peak traffic congestion in Hamilton. Judy McDonald website
Hamilton Bicycle Network  The Hamilton Bicycling Network (HBN) is a registered charitable trust.Our PURPOSE is to promote the safe use of the bicycle as a preferred choice of TRANSPORT in Hamilton and surrounds using existing infrastructure.Our FOCUS is on ADULTS who bicycle or would like to bicycle for transport and well-being. We believe that encouraging responsible use by adults will provide a positive image for the next generation. Tim andCelica Hope www.hbn.co.nz