Avalon Dr – Te Rapa loop

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The Avalon–Te Rapa loop is flat, and the links to Jobs, schools, parks and retail from it are flat. You do not need the assistance of an E-bike and most people could travel this loop on a normal pushbike. If the loop felt safe to bike, people could cycle to access everything they could need.

Inside the Avalon-Te Rapa loop there are over 11,500 jobs*, and a few hundred metres outside the loop there are over 1,500 jobs and 4,580 dwellings housing 12,800** people. The Avalon Dr–Te Rapa loops a Business District.

* Job data from Hamilton City Council / your city / our city’s economy / economic data and reports   

** Dwelling and Population data from 2018 Census (Saint Andrews West, Forest Lake, Nawton East, Crawshaw)

Missing links in Avalon – Te Rapa Loop

Linking Wairere drive to rail Station to Wintec Rotokauri

Avalon Drive South to Norton School-Mall Walking / Biking

Linking Avalon Drive North to Dominion Road Walking / Biking

Avalon Drive 2012 improvements

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