Linking Avalon Drive North to Dominion Road Walking / Biking

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Like the Mangaharakeke Drive / Wintec Rotokauri to Rotokauri Station / the Base (Te Awa) link and the Wairere Drive rail overbridge, which do not connect for people new to biking, the wide shared path along Mangaharakeke Drive stops before Avalon Drive. The image below shows how the shared path could start to be extended into Avalon Drive.

Shared paths are not a solution everywhere, but where we do have them, safe shared paths, like other shared spaces, need to have appropriate speeds to allow for people walking, scootering, biking and e-biking, with faster modes giving pedestrians and slower modes right of way.

The image above shows on-road cycle lanes for the heavier e-bikers and faster commuters, who can travel at about 30 km/h. It would be a good idea to lower the speed on Avalon Drive to one closer to the speed of e-bike users. The image is not suggesting having people ride bikes around Mangaharakeke roundabout. It does expect the shared paths to be about 4 metres wide and have a 1-metre obstacle-free shoulder each side.

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