Avalon Drive South to Norton School-Mall Walking / Biking

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The artistic quality of the Livingstone Ave / Avalon roundabout is interesting. The functionality of the roundabout is limited to motor vehicles. The designer forgot to include crossings for pedestrians, and for people new to biking, the roads are giving mixed signals on where the desire lines should be. There are on-road cycle lanes that will mix people new to biking with motor vehicles, potentially leading cyclists to think they have right of way.

The nearest pedestrian crossing to the Livingstone / Avalon roundabout is 120m north, which is a good place to have a pedestrian island-type crossing as it is close to the alley-way through to Vernall Street / Nawton Domain.  The image below proposes to provide pedestrian crossings on all arms of the roundabout, connected to a shared-use path for pedestrians and people new to biking. It also includes a mix of on-road and protected cycle lanes along Avalon Drive.

There is an opportunity to have a more people-friendly slow street network with lower speed intersections in the area between Ellicott Rd and Grandview Rd, with Livingstone Avenue being the central route. The main motor vehicle routes to Norton Mall are along Grandview Rd and Hyde Ave, and there is no need for motor vehicle traffic to use Livingstone Ave as a through route.  

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