Why is the car carrier in the Bus stop?

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Car carrier driver “do you have a problem”

Bus user “you are parked in a bus stop”

Car carrier driver “yes I know”

The answer is not ‘the business I am servicing has no loading/unloading area’.  Because the town planning rules have always said that businesses ‘shall provide within the site suitable and efficient accommodation for any loading, unloading, or fuelling of vehicles …’ 

Hamilton District Scheme 1960s loading page 37

THREE key goals for on-street parking management: (1) Clear and self-enforcing is best. (2) Never full to avoid supply panic. (3) Enforce against nuisance parking. 

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2 comments on “Why is the car carrier in the Bus stop?

  1. Just to clarify – you’re saying the business is at fault here?

  2. Parking fines go to the owner of the vehicle. This makes the vehicle owner at fault.

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