Ulster St North bus stops – Beerescourt Shops to Maeroa intersection

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Ulster Street is just on 24m wide, which is more than enough room to provide traffic lanes for all types of traffic: walking, biking, buses and private motor vehicles. The WPS Comet Public Transport Route Assessment (from page 113) proposes signalisation of the Ulster St / Maeroa Rd intersection.   This is much needed, as Ulster Street is one of the longest stretches of road without safe crossing points in Hamilton. The drawing below shows the space available.

It is important to note that the existing foot paths are narrow, making people feel they do not belong if they are not in a car. Changes to Ulster Street will not stop nuisance parking, but with a proposed minimum width of 4m for separated walking and biking lanes, these road users should be able to more safely pass nuisance parking.

To maintain a safe boarding and alighting island for bus patrons and clear passage for cyclists to pass a stopped bus, my drawing provides 5.6m of width at bus stops and retains 2 motor vehicle lanes when buses are not loading or unloading. The image below from Oldenburg DE shows an example of a bus stop with a kerb to property boundary width of about 5 meters, which includes a bike path away from bus doors and still allows room for a bus shelter.

For a better image see minute 24 of youtube called
Oldenburg, 11. Juli 2021 – Leerstand in der Oldenburger Innenstadt? Quickcheck mit dem Rad

What could help to justify the investment in good quality bus stops would be to move the Te Rapa #18 bus route from Hobson Street to Ulster Street, increasing the transfer value of buses using the Ulster street bus stop.

There are a good number of options for locations for bus stops. On my drawing bus stops are placed between the more widely spaced driveways, but as can be seen from the WPS Comet Public Transport Route Assessment (link page 155), there are a number of options.

To sum up: 24 meters of road width does provide room for paths for all road users. The barrier to making this happen may be the 60 kmh posted speed limit.

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