Te Rapa road bus stops – Garnett Ave to Forest Lake Rd

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As part of the WPS Comet Public Transport Route Assessment (link) there are two new crossings proposed for the gap on Te Rapa road between Garnett Ave (Te Rapa shops) and Forest Lake road (Beerescourt Shops). One is by the Honda car dealership, and the second is from the 198 Te Rapa Rd bus stop (Anne Way walkway to Elizabeth Street) to the 201 Te Rapa Rd bus stop (Menzies St). The bus stops located at this second proposed crossing are approximately mid-way between the Transport Centre and the Base, where the bus nearly always stops for a short time to check that buses are running to time and not bunching.

Three options for the crossing were proposed for the 201 Te Rapa bus stop. The reason for option 3 being the preferred option is that the desire (tracking) lines of large vehicles travelling through the road curve are using the full lane widths, meaning the median remains too narrow for a staggered pedestrian island. The posted speed limit on Te Rapa road is 60kmh, and it would be interesting to know if reducing the posted speed would reduce the lane width large vehicles need.   There is 30m of road width between the bus stops by Anne Way and Menzies St, giving plenty of room for bike parking and for a bike path away from where bus patrons are boarding and exiting the bus.

As a final point, it is not only access to bus stops that explains why crossings are need along this stretch of Te Rapa Rd. There are also a number of schools within walking distance, which means that children who are allowed to walk or bike to school also have to cross Te Rapa Rd – currently a hazardous activity.


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