Te Rapa Rd: improving bus stop access Mahana Rd – Home Straight

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Te Rapa straight was built as a 9-lane road in the late 1960s at a time when “It was considered that the prediction of future cycle trip movements would be of little value” (Hamilton transport study basic data report, 1968, (p36), and clearly for Te Rapa Road this also applied for pedestrians. Even today there is no continuous footpath on the west side of Te Rapa Road.

Like the  bus stops near Te Rapa Road / Bryant Road and Sunshine Ave, nearly three times more people use the bus stop on the east side #474 [20] (outside Te Wananga O Aotearoa), than on the west side #475 [8] (Outside Fairview Motors). The mystery again is how do people return home if they are only catching south-bound buses?

It is not a mystery why the bus-stop at Te Rapa Road #475 [8] (Outside Fairview Motors) has a low number of users. There is no footpath to it from the Home Straight pedestrian crossing and if you do get to the bus-stop, sometimes the bus cannot stop there because the car industry or waste industry has occupied it. This clearly shows there is a need for more short-term car parking along Te Rapa Road for drop-offs and pickups.

The WSP report’s preferred option is for the ‘relocation of the existing stops to the Home Straight / Te Rapa Road intersection’ … ‘because it caters well for the trip attractors near the Home Straight development and improves pedestrian safety crossing Te Rapa Road and cyclist safety past the bus stop’. It also notes this option ‘requires pedestrian safety improvements on the left-turn slip lanes at the intersection’.  The WSP report writes about trip attractors from Home Straight, but does not acknowledge the existing well above average trip (for Te Rapa Road) attractors at Te Rapa #474 (outside Te Wananga O Aotearoa) and #400 Metro motors. Future reports on this section of Te Rapa road should include walking distances to and from trip attractor destinations for bus patrons.

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