New central city river crossing – The Tronpier on the Tronway

The Tronpier on the Tronway by Tony Banks (link) is full of great ideas. It starts with the idea that the bridge provides a long-term income for continuous improvement, the way is virtually level to make it easily accessible for cyclists and pedestrians and eases the challenges at the bottom of Sapper Moore-Jones Place for the Momentum theatre.

 Access for large trucks to the loading bay of the Momentum theatre (link1) has been a common question. This has been answered with a trial on a flat area (link 2) and a bird’s eye drawing (link3), and both the answers show it as a tight fit. What the Tronpier shows is an extension of Sapper Moore-Jones Place, which would allow space for a secondary turning area. But do we need to note Sapper Moore-Jones Place is a steep climb for persons with average fitness? It is expected that the extension will raise it to a more accessible gradient.

Link 3 – Load bay elevation 34m above sea level. Page 175 & 182

By design, the Tronpier Bridge is at a similar level to Grey St and Victoria St, making it easy for people to move between these commercial places without a climb, and at the same time the pillars can include lifts to provide accessible access for all to Parana Park on the east and the Ferrybank on the West.

The Tronway proposal Tony Banks presents is an easy fit for many of the walking/biking plans already being proposed for the university to city link. Most importantly, road crossings are kept to a minimum, and the way is virtually level for the whole distance to make it user-friendly for both cyclists and pedestrians.

What makes this project so good is that it is the only central city river bridge that is presented as more than just providing a crossing to the North/South low-level river paths; it is a proposal that solves many challenges.

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