Claudelands to the City centre is going to get better

Walking and cycling from Claudelands Event Centre to the City is going to get better. Pedestrians are getting more space and one less crossing, with the Heaphy Terrace/Brooklyn Rd slip lane being reprioritised for people. The minimalist/token pedestrian island will be gone, and cyclists will have more separation through the intersection.

Claudelands intersection upgrade – Infrastructure Operation meet page 275

The improvements also provide a better walking/biking experience to and from the Te Aroha Street shops. The raised traffic table on the image below looks to be there to encourage cyclists to do right turns with pedestrians and ride directly to the city using the Grey St/Claudelands Rd slip lane, as there is no greening at the front of the vehicle right-turn lane.

Claudelands intersection upgrade – Infrastructure Operation meet page 274

For pedestrians using O’Neill St, River Rd is to have a light-controlled crossing, and shortened crossing distances for O’Neill St west. Looking at the O’Neill St narrowing, we see impermeable road surfaces being returned to permeable grass areas, which is something that needs to happen more often.

I have also updated my map, showing how permeable the area is for biking between the University and the City centre.


Added to my map are Tristram St because of the proposed Dutch roundabout where it crosses Collingwood St, and Victoria St with its safer speeds and green sharrows.

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