Hamilton is to get Dutch Roundabout – example from Germany

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An image of the proposed Hamilton roundabout is included at the end of this post.

Before this post moves to take a look at Germany, we start with ‘Pedestrian crossing survey in Europe’ from the UK AA, which scored crossings on safety. The survey says “We can once again stress the excellent situation in the Netherlands (p2) … A special award has to be given to the Netherlands, almost always scoring the best result.” (p6). In 2018 I visited Teltow, near Berlin, where they built three Dutch-type roundabouts.

A local German article explains what make these roundabouts different: ‘If pedestrians are given priority here by means of zebra crossings, the effects on the functionality of such a roundabout are obvious. When the vehicles driving out of the roundabout stop, vehicles also come to a stop on the roundabout lane. And this is exactly the opposite of the originally intended basic functionality for the fluidity of traffic within such a roundabout’ (link to local article). If you read through local articles you find discussion about design of these round-abouts.

Germans, like Kiwis, are auto-centric and changes to priorities will generate comment. The rules are not hard to understand here. The ADAC (German equivalent to AA) explains ‘If there is a zebra crossing immediately in front of the roundabout, pedestrian priority applies both to motorists entering the roundabout and to those leaving it’. I have driven through a good number of this type of roundabout design in  Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, and biked through many in the Netherlands: I find them are self-explaining.

In Hamilton, the Te Aroha St/Grey St roundabout and Bankwood Rd/Crosby Rd roundabout are similar but smaller versions of Dutch roundabouts, without the pedestrian crossing markings, where you can test the feel  of biking around such a roundabout.

Other examples of Dutch style Roundabouts

Gottingen DE – https://goo.gl/maps/goZE9edG7T3zHN8WA

Bad Krozingen DE – https://goo.gl/maps/SQ5FfsaAgkTWXHez7

Lyss Switzerland – Turntable roundabout https://goo.gl/maps/Ucq6Pkr7HA1BwnxQ8

Amersfoort NL – https://goo.gl/maps/FhJuX7nqZZGoTsmG9

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