Beerescourt – Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Part 1

Beerescourt village has the makings of a diverse and very highly urbanised TOD. Presently there are 20 buses per hour travelling north and south through/past Beerescourt Village (Buses #1, #21, #C, and #24, which travels through Hobson St) all linking the Hamilton Transport Centre to Rotokauri Station.

The 2013 census counted 1,164 people living within 400m (an area of 50ha) of  Beerescourt village, giving a population density of 23 people per hectare (2,318 ppkm2)(link to Koordinates, 2013 census). In 2013 this area could be called moderately urbanised with between 1,000-1,500 dwellings per km2. In the past half a decade a lot of building has taken place and now on the east side of Victoria  St the area is looking very highly urbanised, with over 2,500 dwellings per km2. The very highly urbanised build type is also now expanding along Te Rapa road.

The key to a successful TOD is diversity and Beerescourt village has been allowed to have a mix of land uses, making it a place people travel to for work and shopping, and a place local people travel from to work, making it a place where people belong, 24 hours a day.

Beerescourt village is a example of what a mixed use TOD looks like. However, it is missing green space: here we need to consider the balance between on-street parking and green space for young people to play. Menzies St, Macdiamid Rd, Bolmuir Rd, Elizabeth St and Galbraith Ave all offer opportunities to become green play streets within a very highly urbanised neighbourhood. 

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