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This is the fourth post on the ‘City to University business case’, which plans to improve safety, access and to increase the number of people using public transport by 20% (p322). Starting with safety, Grey St already has a plan to improve safety by 75%

Austroads: Technical Report AP-T330-17 ‘Safe System Infrastructure on Mixed Use Arterials’ page 42

Looking at access to the river paths, Cook St at the river end is steep and the path to the river is even steeper; more like a climb. Clyde St is similar to Cook St: the path to the river is better, but it will be a challenge to change the steepness to an accessible gradient for Clyde St west of Grey St.

Anzac Parade offers the best gradient; the barrier here comes from the five road crossings to get to the bridge footpath. Presently Beale Street offers the steepest path, but there is an opportunity to use old cuttings in the bank below the Southern Cross Hospital to provide comfortable, accessible paths.

The ‘City to University business case’ includes city-bound bus lanes from the University to Grey Street. Presently there are about 16 buses per hour travelling to the city using Anzac Parade/Victoria Bridge each workday morning. Victoria Bridge is the missing link in what should be a continuous rapid bus route to the city centre.

The 2010 ‘Access Hamilton Passenger Transport Action Plan’ wrote that “6.9km of the Hamilton road network currently [2010] experiences severe pm peak congestion. This is expected to increase to approximately 41km in 2036 … 5 intersections currently [2010] experience severe pm peak congestion. This is expected to increase to 27 intersections in 2036” (PT action Plan p6). To reduce the negative effect of travel delay its target was to “Increase the proportion of passenger transport journeys to work to 7%” (p50). The 2018 census measured 2.8% of the population using public transport to work (Link). Without the ‘City to university link’ proposed 20% increase (p322) in bus usage, everyone’s travel time will be less predictable and slower.

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3 comments on “University to City Link – Grey to River crossing

  1. Widening Victoria bridge sounds expensive. When the Peacocke bridge opens, why not cut car access over Victoria and Claudelands bridges by making each of them one-way single lane, with traffic lights controlling 2-way bus access to a single lane on each of them? Cars could then use the ring roads to access the CBD and buses could be free from congestion.

  2. I had forgotten just how terrible that Austroads diagram actually is. a 30m wide corridor through the Hamilton East shops and they still couldn’t find space for protected lanes! If this is what Austroads’ best looks like, no wonder good engineers ignore it for urban areas.

  3. Put the railway in a cut and cover tunnel out to Ruakura, then bus way and cycle path on top. Close claudelands bridge to cars. Underground station at claudeland arena.

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