Peachgrove land use and neighbourhood

Census New Zealand uses the Peachgrove statistical area as a buffer between Enderley, Claudelands, Hamilton East, and Greensboro (University). As shown below, Census NZ has moved the boundary east from the 2013 Peachgrove census area. The people of Peachgrove, when compared with Hamilton as a city, are now older, poorer, and less likely to own the home they are living in.

The Peachgrove area allows high density housing for older people in places like Hilda Ross Retirement Village, with over 5,000 people per km2  (source – Koordinates). It is possible to assume, on the basis of the past use of land, that more retirement village housing may return to the corner of Peachgrove Rd/East St and opposite the rail crossing. However, if this is the only type of housing being added to Peachgrove area, its median age and income will continue to reflect a place that excludes younger people.

Nevertheless, Peachgrove is a good example in many ways, with a mixture of housing in an area south of Ruakura Road; here you find housing to suit older and younger people, and families, as well as both old and new single- and multi-storey dwellings.

Land use is mixed, with people living within walking distance of shops and services. However, more of the shorter streets should have safer speeds so that the spaces can become multi-use (e.g. play streets); the idea that motor vehicles should be able to travel at 50kmh on these short stretches of road makes them dangerous for other uses.

It was proposed to allow more residential intensification near Five Cross Roads, but this was pulled back as an *‘investigation in the city’s infrastructure capacity for this area was not ascertained.’ The City’s Urban Design Planner advised that there is *‘still capacity in the area for more intensification, so the Short, Pearson and Daisy area was removed from the intensification area’.

*Report on Submissions and Further Submissions Ch 4 Residential Vol 1. App 3 Vol 2 P50

Of Report on Submissions and Further Submissions Ch 4 Residential Vol 1. App 3 Vol 2 P280

Today we have a housing crisis in which we have rental costs growing faster than incomes. Above is a small example of how the city council allowed housing supply to be suppressed. In Peachgrove, the supply has been good for high-density aged persons’ housing, which has been allowed, yet housing for the city’s younger people, who can least afford it, has been omitted.

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