Zoo – Long term planning with Waiwhakareke

When my children travel, they visit zoos. In their opinion the Hamilton zoo is a good size, a good layout, and the animals feel close and happy. My children are regular visitors to Hamilton zoo, like many people of Hamilton.

The strength of Waiwhakareke comes from thousands of hours of volunteer effort and scientific study that have seen the return of rare plants and wildlife to the project area, creating a rich environmental, educational and recreational experience for visitors. Waiwhakareke is owned and managed by Hamilton City Council, with support from Waikato University, Wintec, Waikato Regional Council, and Tui 2000. Restoration expert Professor Bruce Clarkson is Chair of the Waiwhakareke Advisory Group.

Hamilton Zoo is a destination that attracts 132,805* people each year. The 10-year goal is to increase this to 180,000** per year. Sharing an entry precinct with Waiwhakareke has the potential to meet this goal earlier.

*The 2018-28 10 year plan volume 1, page 24

** Hamilton zoo master plan 2014, page10

Waiwhakareke does not have a history of asking for much funding in long term plans, so the graph below is for zoo capital funding, which increases at a similar rate to inflation. The brief increase in the 2018-28 plan is for the shared entry precinct.

Like Hamilton Gardens, the zoo plan highlights lack of sufficient and safe access as a problem, so more car parking is given priority in the zoo plan**(p10). Walking/biking infrastructure for accessing the zoo is ad-hoc and like the Hamilton Gardens, the bus service is limited (link to Dinsdale route). Car dependence is by design.

Random note: ‘A high population of eels ensures that few of the ducklings hatched around the Zoo’s ponds survive into adulthood’ Page40**

Image of proposed viewing tower from Edwardswhite Architects


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  1. There isn’t even a bus stop designed into that access layout!

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