Hamilton East – Local dairies

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In the late 1860s the corner of Grey/Clyde St was the location of one of the first Settlers General Stores (owned by Philip Le Quesne) in Hamilton East. From here the town spread along both Clyde St and Grey St. Of note is that the spread of retail did not invade the Hamilton East grid pattern neighbourhood.

In March 1962 an article on ‘Town and Country Planning’ stated that – ‘until recently, if you owned some land you could do what you liked with it. You could build a house, a factory, a shop, and it was nobody’s business but your own’. The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand website has the following statement about Dairies: ‘Dairies offer an independent way to own your own business, and the older dairies were often based on people building a room onto the front of their houses and set up a shop selling a few grocery items, confectionery or other easily handled goods’.

In the past, on the corner of Galloway/Naylor there was a dairy with above-average car parking when compared to surviving dairies. This shows that being on a corner or having more than the average amount of car parking is only an assumed benefit for the survival of a local dairy.

If we want to understand organic town planning in a grid neighbourhood, Hamilton East was allowed change without town planning rules for close to one hundred years.

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