Ulster Street Family cross to Bus stop

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Could the speed limit be lowered? Could this be a 2 lane road ? – 5 year average traffic count 19,780 vehicles per day

From Access Hamilton network action plan – 2010 – page34

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3 comments on “Ulster Street Family cross to Bus stop

  1. I definitely think we could remove lanes here. But even if we don’t, we should install a solid median the whole way from Victoria to Mill Street to make two stage crossings much safer.

  2. Maybe a barricade will do. I mean we can resort to an equally effective yet less hustle solutions. But it is a good thing that even ‘minor’ things like these are getting noticed. Great work!

    – Jerry

    • Presumably you mean a barrier to stop vehicles using the road. Pedestrian barriers don’t work to stop pedestrians crossing and blame the victims of traffic violence for the violence that they suffer.

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