Hamilton: bus, cycle, walk to Education

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Hamilton’s travel to work map showed that adults living about 20 minutes from the centre feel confident to travel without a car. Looking at areas in which people feel safe travelling to education, the centre again has a good 67 to 70 percent usage for bus, cycle and walking to education. The percentages reduce in outer areas of central Hamilton, where people feel a greater need to travel to education sites in a car.

As for most University students around the world, using a car adds cost to one’s life style. Owning a car means your accommodation needs to include a car parking space, which could well be a larger area than one’s living space. My assumption is that many young adults live in the areas around the university and they feel comfortable travelling without using a car.

NZTA report 380 I want to ride my bike – overcoming barriers to cycling to intermediate schools (page 35)

The Rototuna North work force feels a need to take their cars to work (80%). However, the students at Rototuna North schools are setting an example of what many students and parents want: over half find their way to school without needing to drive or be driven in a car, which alleviates traffic congestion and chaos at the school gate. This is something that would benefit the whole city if more students and parents felt it was safe to travel independently to school without the need to be driven there in a car.

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