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In the previous two posts I have looked at spending on Hamilton’s Libraries (knowledge), Cemeteries and crematorium (death), and now a short look at the Waikato Museum (art and history), with a summary of options looking forward to the next council long term plan. The Museum spending peaks are dominated by maintaining the buildings and their content. Spending on Acquisitions and public art is normally below $100,000, which is not much in the bigger picture, especially when compared to the $6,178,000 budgeted in 2027/28 for the Arts Post Seismic Upgrade.

To plan for the next 10 year long term plan we can find the history in  ‘Former 10 year long term plans’ (2004 to 2025), ‘former annual plans’ (200 to 2018), and the ‘10 year plan 2018-28’. Something to note is that the 2012 and 2015 plans group years 4 to 10 as a single figure. I have a breakdown of year-by-year spending proposed in the 2012 long term plan, but still need to obtain the 2015-25 year-by-year breakdown, so for this post I have made assumptions based on the single combined year 4 to 10 figures against the 2018-28 plan.

Where to from here? Over the next year a more complete list of capital projects needs to be added, along with totals for the full ten years. What can we do with this? In late 2020 the Mayor normally presents a first draft of the next long term plan, which we can place alongside previous 10-year plans to see whether we can learn anything from past approaches. 

Former Annual Plans 2000 to 2018

Former 10-year long term plans 2004 to 2025

10 year plan 2018-28 – see page 58

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