Claudelands Bridge raised platform challenge

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A Sustainable Safety environment is one that is forgiving and as obstacle-free as possible.

HCC intends to ‘make changes along Claudelands Bridge over the next couple of months … Six speed tables – flat-topped and designed to reduce traffic speeds’. Raised safety tables/platforms (RSPs) are different to speed humps. RSPs have a smoother profile. The aim is to manage vehicle speeds using vertical deflections. The driver may feel this vertical movement because she/he sees it coming, but comfort levels for a passenger in bus or car should be unaffected, and a trip in an ambulance should not be more unpleasant than on a flat road

Photo location: Vathorst Laakboulevard Rotonade 8

The challenge is to build six raised safety tables that feel the same. For example: go for a drive across the raised crossings on River road by the Flagstaff shops; north-bound feels okay, but south-bound does not feel the same. The design brief would have been the same, but the contractor has chosen to build them to different comfort levels.

The challenge is also to build 6 raised platforms with a design speed that does not make a trip in a bus unpleasant or a ride in an ambulance more uncomfortable. With the same design, when a driver travels faster than the speed limit, the faster he/she goes the more unpleasant the journey will be, but at the same time, should a driver inadvertently approach above the speed limit, the risk of losing control of the vehicle must be relatively low.

It is important to challenge people who ask for speed humps or bumps to be unforgiving for drivers who misjudge their approach speed. There is a big list of factors that influence how fast or slow people drive. RSPs on their own should not be forcing drivers to slow down.

FAQs about  RSPs, from RSPs installed at the Thomas/Gordonton Rd intersection

  • What noise will be created by RSPs? It is understood that noise did not materialise as a significant issue following construction at other sites.
  • Will it create more congestion by making vehicles slow down? Congestion has not been identified as a significant issue following installation of RSPs in Victoria or in the Netherlands. An evaluation of RSPs in the Netherlands found that in very busy intersections, an increased capacity can occur.
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