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CBD Future 2020 Vision: City news Oct/Nov 2005: Traffic and transport – ‘The key changes within the framework are introducing the arterial route, giving pedestrians priority in key areas, one-way traffic flow on Victoria, Ward, Bryce, Knox and London streets and Claudelands Bridge, contra-flow bus and cycle lanes, signal priority for public transport … reconfiguring Claudelands Bridge to include a pedestrian boulevard – Major changes to the role of Claudelands Bridge will strengthen the link between city walkways, proposed development at River Road car park and Claudelands Event Centre.’

Claudelands Bridge via Victoria Street (image below): Via Strada Dec 2010: North-east Quadrant (ASB corner)‘Both existing approach lanes are retained. The existing eastbound path (towards Claudelands Bridge) is wide enough for shared pedestrian and cycling uses. As it connects to the proposed two-way path on the north side of Claudelands Bridge, two-way cycling is proposed on this path … Additional width will improve the level of service and cater for future volume increases. Analysis with heavy vehicle tracking curves show that there is scope to widen it by absorbing unused kerbside carriageway width.’ South-east Quadrant (TSB corner) ‘The existing kerb radius is slightly enlarged and features a new kerb ramp for cyclist coming from the east approach carriageway as well as the cycle crossing from the ASB Bank corner. The scheme plan shows an option retaining the bus stop in a bay. Combined with manoeuvring space, there is scope for two of the four existing car parks to remain. An alternative option, not shown on the scheme plan, is to implement a full bus boarder in the travel lane, which allow for all four car parks to remain. This would require that all traffic has to stop behind a stopped bus; this is how the current layout operates whenever the car park closest to the bus stop is occupied. … Cycling into town from the bridge requires a shift from pathway to a shared street environment after using the existing median break cycle crossing facility to cross Victoria Street.’

Hamilton city heart revitalisation project: May 2008: 7.8 CBD and Claudelands Events Centre Pedestrian Link – ‘The existing pedestrian share is approximately 1.5m. The proposed addition would widen this to 5m creating safer walking opportunities and a designated cycle lane separated from traffic. … Ensuring the addition offers the greatest benefits to pedestrians in terms of access, efficiency, safety and route options. This may include revising the location of the addition to the southern side of Claudelands Bridge, thereby allowing greater accessibility to Opoia …’

Hamilton City-heart: Appendix 1 Submission Summaries – [two of twenty two] ‘This should be either on the south side of the bridge or two clip-ons added. This would be needed if greater foot traffic is generated from the Opoia residential area. Also cyclists use this of the bridge when they are coming from the residential areas of Te Aroha Street, Ruakura and Waikato University …’ ‘crossing Claudelands Bridge people often find that they want to be on footpath on other side of bridge’ Overall staff comment‘Improved cross city pedestrian link particularly along Claudelands Bridge and O’Neill Street will be required to accommodate increased pedestrian volumes in the future resulting from the re development of the Claudelands Event Centre. The addition of a clip on to the Claudelands Bridge will provide increased footpath space for pedestrians and cyclists. Change will be required to modify vehicle behaviour on O’Neill Street to improve the pedestrian experience, including footpaths, improving lighting and creating safer crossing opportunities. In particular a safe crossing point is needed for pedestrians entering and existing Sonning.’ Additional Staff Comments – [just one of sixteen] ‘Footpath on River Road bridge (eastside River Road) should be widened. A new accessible bridge over Claudelands Road and rail line west of River Road, clearly visible from Claudelands Bridge, linking Opoia area to Sonning carpark should be constructed.’

A recent idea presented to council was from Marcus Brown in 2018 – ‘The basic idea is to shut down the Claudelands Bridge to eastbound traffic between the hours of 5 – 10am on weekdays – and giving commuter cyclists the entire lane for those busy hours. It looks like the only route that uses the Claudelands Bridge is No. 14. It travels half-hourly (so 6 times between 7am-9:59am), and even then has only one stop at Heaphy Tce before linking with Boundary Road.  Hopefully there’s a case to be made for re-routing the one line to use Boundary Road during those hours (can’t imagine anyone going to Heaphy then, and wouldn’t add any time to the bus’s return journey)….but worst case I’m sure having a bus come through half hourly isn’t the end of the world.’

Below are City Heart Submission Summaries and Staff Comments


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  1. Thank you, Peter, for collating all of these varied proposals for Claudelands Bridge that have appeared over the years. I can understand council is wary of tinkering with the bridges, them being chokepoints in the transport network, but it’s remarkable that the only significant changes in recent times have been the removal of the footpaths on Victoria Bridge and Whitiora Bridge to make more space for vehicular traffic.

    The council is of course wary of making any transformational change, but their fostering of more CBD residential development, as well as the massive amount of infill housing that is ongoing are surely moving us towards a point where the mobility of people using more space-efficient transport modes justifies reallocation of road space away from motor vehicles.

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