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When reading this, keep in mind the idea of a Greater Hamilton, and the potential of the area around The Base/Rotokauri rail station (park and ride, bus, train Transport centre, Page 84, 85)

Zuidplein is a neighbourhood of Charlois (Pop 66,684, Area 11.4 km2, 5,870 people per km2) in the heart of Rotterdam South. The Rotterdam Ahoy event hall, with its 2,000 car parking field (€ 13 per day) (photo below) and Ikazia hospital are within walking distance of the Zuidplein transport centre.

At the centre of Zuidplein is a metro (2 metro lines) and bus (40+ routes) station, which is an important hub for regional public transport. In size and numbers of users it is the second busiest bus station in the Netherlands, after Utrecht Central. (In comparison, The Base has 1 rail line proposed and 7 bus routes.)

The Zuidplein shopping centre is the largest indoor shopping centre in the Netherlands. It attracts more than 12 million visitors a year. This indoor shopping mall offers 155 stores and has over 1400 parking places (€18 per day) and is easily accessible by metro and bus. (“Te Awa” made The Base New Zealand’s largest retail centre by rentable area under one ownership. It attracts more than 8 million visitors a year, has 183 Stores and over 2,150 free car parking places.)

Zuidplein has approximately 1,200 residents living in 754 dwellings/high rise apartments. The number of children is not high, while residents aged 65+ make up over 20% of the population. In total, 3,338 persons are employed in Zuidplein. I measured the Google Zuidplein boundary area to be 0.2 km2, giving Zuidplein borough a population density of 4,560 people per km2 and an employment density of 16,690 employees per km2 (Hamilton’s CBD has 2,375 businesses and 19,440 employees in an area of 1.3 km2 (130ha) = 14,950 employees per km2.)

The Rotokauri rail station weakness is that zoning rules do not appear to allow a supporting local residential population; the employment options for the Base Te Awa area appear to be limited to service and retail jobs; and west of the rail station to the expressway the zoning rules appear to limit this area to having a low employment density. For Greater Hamilton to grow, the District Plan needs to embrace growth. Point to note: the walking distance from central Rotterdam to Zuidplein is 5.5 km, and from Hamilton central to the Base is 6.1 km.

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