Zero Harm is safer than Safe Journeys

Zero Harm’s objective is that

“By 2020 or sooner all our people*, regardless of employer, will go home safe and healthy, every day, no exceptions”

“Our Safer Journeys ads sometimes employ a shock tactic; for Zero Harm we suggest a slightly different take, adding in an emotional campaign with faces of collegues who care, wives, husbands, partners and children who want you to come home to them safely.” NZTA Highways Information Portal Zero Harm Strategic Plan 2014-2020

Safe Journeys argues for “A safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury” Statement from March 2010 – Safer Journeys Strategy to 2020.

“If we continue with our current approach, and rely on our existing set of road safety initiatives, it is estimated that in 2020 around 400 people will still lose their lives” (p. 9)

[Sadly only] “alert, skilled, unimpaired drivers should expect to reach their destination without mishap every time” (p.11)

And of serious concern is the fact in the seventh year of Safe Journeys, we still have a road system that is increasingly killing responsible people who sometimes make mistakes in their use of the roads.

Lastly, and most disappointingly, the Ministry of Transport’s official summary of submissions to Safe Journeys referred to Vision Zero as “radical” in response to submitters that urged a ‘Vision Zero Strategy’ (p.12).

As the graph above shows countries setting Ambitious Targets are forgiving more people that make mistakes.

Graph from Quarterly road toll report:

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