Hamilton Lake census unit area land use

The Hamilton Lake unit area illustrates a city area where a single land use hasn’t dominated. This integrated land use has positive impacts on people economically, socially and culturally, as well as benefitting the natural environment and allowing an overlapping mix of land use activities within comfortable walking distance of populated areas. Should we encourage more people in this area to enrich it even more?


One measure of outcome is car dependency. In the 2013 Census, the data for the main means of travel to work for Lake area showed 1,029 drove or rode in a car (62%); 15 rode motor cycle (1%); 111 were passengers in a car or bus (7%); and 498 walked or cycled (30%). The outcome is better than most areas in Hamilton, but the private vehicle still dominates

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The barrier to a more balanced mode share may be due to the fact that the hospital campus suppresses demand for more active transport options by simply not providing an accessible route for wheeled pedestrians and not linking into the NZTA & HCC safer street and shared use path networks.

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