Grandview land use & local retail

Much of Grandview’s diversity can be seen as an extension of the Nawton area on the south side of Grandview Rd and the mixed activities on Avalon Dr. This diversity should not be seen as distasteful by outsiders who observe the mixing of tradies’ workshops, auto sale yards, auto dismantlers … plus family housing. This suburb is allowing maximum flexibility in land use so that buildings are renovated and economic activities take place. The opposite approach is to risk having empty land or empty shop windows and zero income to pay bills.

Avalon Dr Mix use

To protect both residents and industries, we do have the following rule in the Hamilton Operational District Plan (ODP) Rule 5.5 p731.

“Where an industrial area is situated in close proximity to residential neighbourhoods, nuisances, including smoke, noise, dust, vibration, glare or other noxiousness or danger shall not result from the activity.” (ODP Rule 5.5 page 731)

The measure of liveability in a mixed area is one of tolerance to nuisances such as noise, smell and vibration (for privacy one should invest in curtains or blinds). Living in a mixed environment should be seen as an art/choice that can be managed by people if the cost is right.  Land historically used for business purposes normally will have protection from non-business activity.Grandview Land Use

Invasion of business into residential areas should not be feared if its activity doesn’t produce nuisances greater than that of normal households; it adds diversity and opportunity. Although many of us like to have a say in what happens in our neighbourhood, if an activity is distasteful, our reaction should be based on a measure of nuisance, not necessarily on the type of activity.


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