Nawton land use & local retail

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There is something about Nawton that makes it a bit European, not in terms of what you see now, but in the way it can change. The photo is from Schiedam NL (pop. 76,650, density 4,254 people per square km) Aleida straat. It does not have the car parking fields of Nawton Mall or Avalon Dr, but what it does have is expanding and contracting retail/community services. Should one of these shops close, the owner of the building can choose to release/sell the building as a dwelling or to another retailer/community service. In the same way, the Nawton Pharmacy or the dwelling across the road could be/are used for either retail/community services (see history of 100, 108, 106 Grandview Rd) or as a family home, which increases the population base, and thus increases the client base of the remaining businesses.

Schiedam Aleidastraat

The great thing about Nawton is the general mix of urban functions and the flexibility in land use so that building[s] can be renovated and economic activities can take place to pay the rates to maintain a high level of services (see history of #2 Avalon Dr).

Nawton Land Use

To finish, here is a reference to ponder over from Dutch housing policy. VINEX

“The most important point was that new residential areas should be planned close to existing urban centres, strengthening existing centres and facilities.”

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