Pukete land use

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This post refers to Pukete and Pukete West, an area bordered by the river, Wairere Drive, a strip of park land to the West and the Hamilton wastewater treatment plant to the north. There is no land for this place to extend into. If it is to grow, it needs to begin to look at growing upwards.

Pukete Land UseIt is possible that investment in this area has stalled. Looking at Stat NZ Pukete West Housing, there were 4 building consents in 2013. For NZ Pukete Housing there was not a single new dwelling added.
Hamilton City Council’s income comes from rating properties. It is not an accident that an increase in the number of rate able properties increases/spreads the tax burden, which allows the continued improvement and maintenance of supporting infrastructure. Add a trend of less people per household and there is a chance of rate payments being shared between a decreasing number of income earning people.
Should we be asking who is paying for the rates bill into the future, and should land use become fixed under today’s land use rules, such as the Hamilton Operative District Plan page 391 – 4.1.2 General Standards

ODP Site Coverage page 391

Of the 54 hectares of land set aside for residential purposes only 40 percent (21.6 Hectares) of it is allowed to be built on. So is it sensible to have a predominantly residential urban area of 137 hectares, and a rule that states ”Maximum amount of the site which can be covered by buildings” equals 21.6 hectares,15% of the 137 ha?

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