Dinsdale census bright spots

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The dividing line for Dinsdale is Whatawhata Road. Even though Dinsdale South and Dinsdale North are similarly hilly and both have a population of about 4,000, they are changing and becoming different places.

Dinsdale South has two-thirds of its mesh block areas showing a declining population. Over half of these areas have people aging at above the average rate and overall income is not increasing at the same rate as it is for most people in Hamilton.

Dinsdale North is looking like a much brighter area. This is a place that is attracting more people, where over half of the mesh block areas have growing populations. It is welcoming to younger people and overall income is increasing at a higher rate than in many other areas in Hamilton.

Dinsdale Pop Change 01-13 Dinsdale Age Change 01-13 Dinsdale Income Change 01-13

The Dinsdale South Census data show its population is in decline; it is now at a level lower than the 3,945 people stated in the 1996 census. The fact that there is no local school in the area will make it hard to encourage younger people to move to this area.

Dinsdale North is a bright neighbourhood, with access to a choice of schools, and the street calming with the 40km/h safer speed limit gives all people living in this area a freedom not offered in areas with a different approach to urban living.

The photos below show two bright areas along Aberdeen Dr, which is attracting more people who are younger, and increasingly wealthier.

Michael Ave Thomson Ave

Photo Michael Ave & Thomson Ave


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