Maeroa Local Retail

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On Maeroa Rd we have two dairies almost next to each other, competing for the same customers in what looks like an under-sized market place – but they survive.

Maeroa Shops roundabout

Here is an explanation from the Canadian convenience store report 2012 on why these almost side-by-side dairies can keep trading in such close proximity

“In many cases, convenience stores enjoy such strong relationships with their customers that patrons will buy certain goods from one and only one store. It is estimated that approximately 20% of all convenience store patrons are 100% loyal to a single store, and 30% to 60% of customers visit that store four times or more per month. In any other industry, with such outstanding statistics, we would call these stores iconic brands and put them on a par with the Starbucks, Apple and McDonald’s of the world.”

Maeroa Local Retail

What we see in Maeroa is a pre-1960s City of Hamilton District Scheme suburb, with a similar balanced spread of local retail to that seen in my earlier posts, Swarbrick – Land use & Swarbrick – Local dairies. The question leaders should start ask themselves is this: Is it time to start pulling back in terms of controlled planning and allow customers convenience determine the location of retail outlets?




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