Maeroa census unit area bright spots

It is very easy to understand why Marire Ave and Parr St are attracting younger people with increasing incomes. The trees are just beautiful. Interesting these streets are also opposite  the very mixed and changing area of Frankton, the area between Norton Rd and the rail lines, as can be seen in the Frankton Junction census unit area bright spots

Marire Ave Parr St

Of course many of us would think of Norton Rd as being part of Frankton, which it is in a physical sense, but cities are confusing places and once a data area is set it becomes very messy to change.

Maeroa Pop Change 01-13 Maeroa Income Change 01-13 Maeroa Age change 01-13

As the figures indicate, the change in population density is all over the place; some unit areas have increased by a third while the areas next to them have decreased and similar variations apply for age and income.


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