Frankton Central Bus Route

It is important to remember that time spent on the bus represents only a portion of the experience for bus users. For the rest of the journey, public transport commuters are pedestrians. When looking at the location of bus stops, it is crucial that the public transport system, in terms of routes, interchange nodes and stops, is well connected to a high-quality pedestrian network. The bus stop identity should enhance a ‘sense of place’ indicating that you have arrived in an important place in the city, as in down-town Kassel.

Kassel KonigsplatzPedestrians should not feel cramped on a narrow footpath. If people have to crowd waiting for the bus, the footpath is blocked. The waiting situation ought to be pleasant, both for people waiting and those actively walking. Here a Bus bulb or Swedish heel stop (klackhllplats) combined with a Kassel kerb can give adequate space for both pedestrians and for people waiting to access their bus.

Victoria St Bump out Bus StopBus stops are centres of public life. People arriving at their destination will usually depart from that destination by using the bus stop on the opposite side of road. This means there is a need for safe pedestrian crossing supported, with safer speeds and good sight lines.

Frankton Central Bus Route

It is essential to arrive in an inviting and welcoming place. It should be easy to orientate yourself, and comfortable and safe to walk towards planned destinations. In addition, the bus stop itself should be pleasant and stimulating, with the surroundings feeling comfortable and incorporating passive surveillance from neighbouring properties.



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