Frankton Central Trees

Frankton’s Commerce St trees offer shade and control humidity. Street trees and other vegetation substantially enhance the quality of public spaces and the pedestrian experience. Street tree plantings extending through much of the Frankton town centre provide good experiences of walking along tree-lined streets.

commerce St Mid Trees Commerce St mid West Trees Commerce St West Trees

The following map shows existing street trees in Frankton Central. Viewed in terms of ecological function, Frankton Central’s street trees represent an incomplete system with gaps. Although the mapping of street trees points towards a substantial number of trees in the Frankton, these have only limited impact on the experience of green in the wider area.

Frankton central TreesThere are a number of streets with sporadic tree canopies as seen in the map above. The green network created by street trees varies widely in quality. Both ends of Commerce St have thriving street tree corridors that give those areas a distinct character. The interesting trees contribute an artistic flair to the retail part of Commerce St.

There are new plantings throughout the town, particularly in south-eastern streets, but the ecological, architectural, and urban quality benefits of these trees are not yet evident. The current town green network has gaps and there are sections of the Frankton that do not have any real trees. In some locations there is very little green to balance the hard-scape, with the limited root space adding to these difficulties.Frankton Somerset St TreeMore root space could greatly improve streetscapes in terms of visual expression and environmental amenity. Given the generosity of the Somerset St & King St widths, it is hard to understand why these streets do not have the benefits of mature street trees to add to their attractiveness.




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