Bryant (St Andrews) Open Space for more people

In this posting, the wording in quotation marks is from the Hamilton Open Space Plan

“Open spaces bring economic benefits to Hamilton by making the area more attractive for investment, by providing sources of employment and by enhancing property values. Open spaces also offer free spaces for events and recreational activities.” And this is what is happening on the edge of St Andrews golf course with the Delamare Rd retirement village.

Delamare retirement village - Bupa Architectural Plans-2

Also the Hamilton Open Space Plan tells us “open space owned by Council covers approximately 10.8% of Hamilton city’s land area.” The lucky people of the Bryant area have over 20% of their suburb as open space and the area is not suffering “reduced public access to education administered open space” as are many other parts of Hamilton. It also has close to 30% of its streets having safer speed limits, allowing the people of Bryant safer access to their open spaces than under the old speed limit.

Bryant land use

The Hamilton Open Space Plan goes on to say in its section on urban intensification that it will “allow for a significant proportion of Hamilton’s increasing population to be accommodated by higher housing density in selected areas of the city; and in existing residential areas through intensification.” This nicely lines up with the Hamilton River plan – development St Andrews golf course which plans to “consider the feasibility of medium density development on the site of the existing clubhouse.”

Hamilton city river plan st-andrews

Increasing numbers of people mean healthy, liveable communities for generations to come. These are places people care about, especially with close-to-home parks in areas where people live.

Many people believe that everyone should have the opportunity to connect with nature, and support research that shows access to nature is an essential prescription for the physical, environmental, social, and economic health of a community.

Delemare age sign

Do we need to ask if younger people are given the same choices of housing types and locations as retirees?


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