Bryant (St Andrews) census unit area bright spots

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An area with increasing population and increasing income, in addition to the presence of more young people, creates the opposite of a dull neighbourhood, as described in Jane Jacobs’ book The Death and Life of Great American Cities (page 287):

“Long before visible blight can be seen, is stagnation and dullness. Dull neighbourhoods are inevitably deserted by their more energetic, ambitious, or affluent citizens, and also by their young people who can get away.”

Bryant Pop Change 01-13 Bryant Income Change 01-13 Bryant Age Change 01-13

Bryant area (called Saint Andrews Hamilton on ) is not short of ambitious or affluent citizens; we can see this by the fact that average incomes are growing at a healthy rate. But the risk for a big part of this neighbourhood comes as its people age, and their energy to rally for or against change stagnates. The greatest change looks to be coming from the area around St Andrews golf course, where we have seen some of the greatest population decline. The plans aren’t dull either; here is an image from BUPA-Care-Services-Public-Notified-Resource-Consent

Drawing Template

The Hamilton city river plan development for St Andrews golf course states: “Consider the feasibility of medium density development on the site of the existing clubhouse.” This is all good news, though probably more for the affluent golfer than the average worker.

Bryant as a suburb is more than a golf course; it has a good number of local shops, whose owners are seeing their neighbourhood population base and the number of younger residents declining.

Question: If we allowed the housing types to change near the existing shopping centre, would this make it easier and increase the frequency with which people shop locally, and make Bryant more attractive to the next generation?



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