Norton Rd Stand-alone dairy

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Assumptions – Central Place Theory – Walter Christaller

Humans will always prefer to purchase goods from the closest outlet, and whenever demand for a certain good is high, it will be offered in close proximity to the population. In New Zealand a stand-alone dairy is the smallest permanent central market-place; these stand-alone dairies survive because they are where people go to buy their everyday goods.

Norton Rd Dairy

This post looks at the local population of about a thousand people supporting the stand-alone dairy on Norton Rd.

A Hamilton survey of dairies found (p349) a “gross ratio of 1 dairy: 2,600 population,” PDP 3 Structure Plans Dec 2013 . So this dairy falls short of this population base but has the advantage of thousands of motorists passing each day boosting its client base.

Norton Rd Stand alone Dairy

The second thing to note about this area is that land supply for new dwellings was reduced in about 1999 with the review of the district plan (now operative district plan – p31). Much of the area was residential medium density up to the end of last century (Hamilton-zoning-map-1960s); now it is zoned residential, thus reducing land supply and restricting population growth, which limits investment opportunities and forces Hamilton to be a less compact city.


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