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The Hamilton report: By the University of Auckland school of Architecture May 1989

Tram page 236 part

A closed circuit inner city transport system could solve Hamilton’s problem.

Tram systems in cities all over the world function successfully in transporting and distributing people quickly and efficiently within city centres. These systems provide frequent and independent means of inner city transport. The system reduces congestion and unnecessary build-up of other alternative forms of transport.

Tram page 237 Therefore

It should be free. People might not take advantage of a system if is going to cost them extra to travel within the CBD, once they have already reached the inner city. Initial use of a system is crucial for its acceptance and success. This is linked to how much people will pay for new services.

One of the reasons for having the tram system is to provide a better and superior alternative to other forms of inner city public transport. Present forms clutter the inner city and have a negative impact on the CBD. The tram system will rectify these problems and have a greater positive impact on the CBD. This can only be achieved by removing any competition.

Integration of the tram system into the traffic flow and existing road system is crucial for the tram’s acceptance.

The function and image of a tram vehicle are important. It must look the part and be highly accessible so that the actual task of getting on and off can be done with relative ease. The tram will fail if this is not achieved.

Tram page 238 part

Now I am thinking something like this

image One

But maybe not

Tram page 238 Bus

Yes it is a bus – CBD shuttle

Tram page 236 Rail lines

Tram page236-237 Tram page238-239

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