Bedrooms per dwelling 2013 census night in Hamilton

Wikipedia – “A Bedroom is a room where people sleep”

Of the 50,388 dwellings in Hamilton, just under half (24,671) were being used as single bedroom homes, on census night in 2013.

Skyline One bedroom Dwelling

This half of Hamilton’s households was made up of people who were either living alone or as a couple with no children. Here is how we get to this number: There are 50,388 households in Hamilton. Of these, 11,148 were one person households and 13,523 were dwellings occupied by couples without children. This equals 24,671 or 49% of dwellings in Hamilton which only had one room being used as a bedroom on census night.

Google definition of couple – “two people who are married or otherwise closely associated romantically or sexually.”

When we calculate each of Hamilton’s 44 area units in the same way, we see over a third of the area units have over half of their component households using only one room for sleeping.


When more detail is added and the one bedroom picture is put alongside age and income, we see Crawshaw, Hillcrest West, Temple View and University as young, house-sharing and of lower income. We see the opposite in places like Burbush, Chartwell, Flagstaff, Queenwood and Rototuna, where residents are older, have higher incomes and are predominately using their home as a one-bedroom dwelling, based on the Wikipedia definition of “a bedroom is where people sleep”.

Hamilton Area Units - Age - Middle range document1 Hamilton Area Units - Income - Middle range

Footnote: The source data comes from the 2013 census: it does not show change, in terms of what has happened and what is continuing to happen. These are pictures of what we have now. They should be viewed more as demographic art than as serious statistical maps.

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