Hamilton Area units by Age

Hamilton city has the lowest median age of all cities in New Zealand and Australia

Hamilton 2013 Census QuickStats

The median age (half are younger, and half older, than this age) is 32.2 years for people in Hamilton City. For New Zealand as a whole, the median age is 38.0 years

The pictures in this post show where the different age groups are choosing to live by looking at Hamilton as 44 Area units, and applying a median age to each unit.

The first picture divides younger from older . Younger people are choosing to live across the middle of Hamilton, with one exception. Sylvester in the north has changed from an older area to a younger one over the past decade, having a median age of 38.5 in 2006 and 41.7 in 2001.

When we add another layer we can see the middle-aged and younger areas all bordering each other and forming a crescent around an area in the north-east.

Hamilton Area Units by Age - Middle

By adding another layer to the picture, the west of the city looks pretty average. In the east is an older person’s area, which may be an area of empty nests becoming ready for change, and the University is a permanent centre for a younger population.

Hamilton Area Units - Age - Middle range

Footnote: The source data comes from the 2013 census: it does not show change, in terms of what has happened and what is continuing to happen. These are pictures of what we have now. They should be viewed more as demographic art than as serious statistical maps.



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  1. I saw a talk at the Uni recently about NZ’s aging population. Apparently, Hamilton/Waikato is one of the few places where average age won’t be increasing fairly substantially from now on, due in large part to migration from other regions. But in a few decades we’ll also be heading in that direction.

  2. […] However, the city does have an understandable or predictable spread of incomes when comparing the median age in the area units. […]

  3. Some thing to look for in the future is where Hamilton median age is compared to Europe or North America cities.

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