Tamahere North – predicting future traffic

Many project teams have worked on the Highway projects in the Waikato over the last few years. Each has looked into the future to predict traffic growth that justifies roads costing hundreds of millions of dollars.

Traffic Movements 2041 (PDF, 1.8 MB)

There is a location is between Tamahere and Hamilton, (355m past Cherry Lane) that has had both its 2021 and 2041 future traffic volumes predicted. From the graph below, we can see a 22% difference in predictions for 2021, and in 2041 a 27% difference, with the Hamilton bypass team being the most generous.

Tamahere North SH1 traffic graph

2021 traffic source – 355m past Cherry Lane

32,600 vpd Tamahere Section Effect on the Road Network – without expressway – Created Dec 2012

38,000 vpd Tamahere Section Effect on the Road Network – with expressway – Created Dec 2012

40,000 vpd Hamilton Section Effects on the Road Network and Traffic Movements 2021 – Created Feb 2011


2041 traffic source – 355m past Cherry Lane

Oct 2011 – 46,000 vpd – Hamilton Section Traffic Movements 2041

May 2012 – 40,900 vpd – without Southern links – Southern Links traffic flows 2041

May 2013 – 43,800 vpd – showing Southern link – Hamilton Section 2041 Daily traffic flow predictions

July 2014 – 36,173 vpd  to 39,711 vpd – Hamilton Southern Links NOR Traffic Modelling


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