Southern Links – Kahikatea Dr & Ohaupo Rd

 The Southern Links project involves approximately 21km of new state highway, three new river crossings and 11km of new urban arterial roads inside Hamilton, with a budgeted costing of about $600,000,000. This is about $190,000,000 less than the Hamilton Bypass. However, neither the Transport Agency nor the Hamilton City Council has any funding set aside for the design or construction.

When constructed, the Southern Links project will reduce congestion on SH1 and SH3. Should it not be built, this Southern Links traffic flows 2041 poster lets us know that along Kahikatea drive we can expect about a 55% increase over existing traffic levels to 39,200 vehicles per day (vpd). This level is higher than on any existing roads in Hamilton. The closest we have to this is on Cambridge Rd at 37,742 vpd in 2006.

Ohaupo Rd South of Dixon Rd

On SH3, just 285m south of Dixon Road, the prediction is for a 50% increase to 19,500 vpd for the year 2041, which is similar to existing daily traffic flows using the Fairfield bridge or the Massey Street rail bridge.

Lastly, the table below shows that the historical traffic changes along these two roads?

SH1 Kahikatea Dr rail crossing
AADT 21,926 22,601 22,827 22,651 22,984 22,727 23,885 22,899 21,047 22,365
SH3 Ohaupo Rd – 285m Sth of Dixons Rd
AADT 13,010 12,910 13,360 13,813 12,830 12,610 13,399 12,767 13,321 12,853
Year 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) – Traffic counts from NZTA state highway traffic volumes

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