Ruakura staging, without Hamilton Bypass

Of the land in the Ruakura Development Plan, Tainui Group Holdings Limited (TGH) owns 299.65ha, Chedworth Properties Limited (CPL)  owns 78.34ha, other ownership is 2.18ha and road reserve and railways designations are 9.37ha.

This group plan to redevelop this land in the following categories over the next 30-50 years.


The Ruakura development plan ( Link to EPA web site) is intended to roll out in three stages in accordance with the three time bands identified in the Proposed Regional Policy Statement (2010-2021, 2021-2041 and 2041-2061). Within each of these periods there are many small projects, which we can see on the map below from the EPA Volume One Draft Decision and Report_(Ruakura) page 349. This is the last page. The area inside the red line shows stages 1 & 2, up to about 2041.


Even though the map above gives definite dates, the map title suggests these should be read as indicative; in other words plus or minus a few years depending on the success of preceding  projects. This could bring some stages forward and delay others, and we can see the effect on projected traffic with and without infrastructure having been built as part of stage 1 (2015-2021)

This table below comes from the EPA Volume One Draft Decision and Report_(Ruakura) page 246, and you can see more detail about the effect of traffic  here – EPA Ruakura Rebuttal Traffic


From my reading of the EPA reports, about 245ha of the 360ha (nearly 60%) can be developed without the need to build the Waikato Expressway (WEX), EPA Traffic Ruakura Feb 2014 page 11

25H.12.2 Industrial Land Stage 2 Rule (PRPS 2021 – 2041 Allocation)(a) An additional 115ha of land within the Ruakura Logistics Area and Ruakura Industrial Park Area may be developed post 1 January 2021 subject to:

i. The Waikato Expressway (Hamilton section) having been completed

Planning and building are not the same, as we can see from of the Board of Inquiry – Proposed Ruakura development plan changes  hearings, (I have removed names-see link for names)

16 May 2014 – page 772 – 773

MR H: Okay, thank you very much. Are you aware of any likely change to the projected completion date of 2019?

MR S: December 2019 is a target completion date. We still need to go through a fair tender process to acquire the supplier and the final completion date will come out of that process.

MR H: Thank you.

MR S: I would have

MR S: I did say probably towards the end of that construction season which would be April 2020.

CHAIRPERSON: April 2020, thank you.

And 05 June 2014 – Page 2041

MR C: Mr B, good afternoon, in your evidence-in-chief you said the New Zealand government has made commitments to complete the works by 2019 however funding for the construction has not yet been approved and in earlier evidence, Mr S, suggested that 2019 might be an ambitious target?

MR B: We have always, just to be clear we have always seen that as 2019 construction years, that stretches into mid 2020.

MR C: Right. Given that the funding has not yet been approved how much certainty can we put on the April 2020 date?

MR B: I think as Mr S said, we cannot give you any more certainty than we expect the Board to make a decision to release the funding around about September or October of this year.

Note the mid-2020 completion date is based on funding of approximately $760,000,000 being released in October 2014. This completion date is five and a half years after the release of funding.


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