Tauranga to Bombay car travel time

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This post looks at the options for traveling from Tauranga to Bombay by motor car, using AA maps to get distance and timing. I have chosen Bombay as the destination point, because once traffic enters the Auckland area speeds and timing becomes unreliable because of commuter congestion.

Tauranga to Bombay Car Travel Time

The timing to note is the $2b-$2.3b Waikato expressway which offers a shortened travel time of 20 minutes from South of Cambridge to Mercer. This appears to offer very little in the way of time saving for a Tauranga to Auckland road trip, compared to SH2 through Waihi, which presently has 90 km speed limits along much of it. Once these speed restrictions are removed over the next few years, it will bring the travel time closer to 2 hours, maintaining SH2’s role as the fastest route between Auckland and Tauranga for road transport.

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