Taupo Counting Daily Traffic Volumes

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This post is a look at traffic volume changes in the Taupo area using data from NZTA’s State Highway Traffic Data Booklet on  Annual traffic counts.

First a disclaimer from NZTA: “The traffic data … are intended to be used as an approximate indication of traffic flow.”

Now my disclaimer: The Data Booklets give data as totals and percentages of vehicles over 3.5T, known as Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMV). The data in this post is presented as Cars, Heavy Vehicles and Totals per day, and most of the data is not Copy & Paste – more Read and Type. So if you see something that looks out of place please leave a comment.


Looking at traffic using SH5 Napier and SH1 South of Taupo, we see real change with reducing number of cars, and heavy traffic having plateaued to below 2004 levels.

My count location shows slowly increasing traffic over the last few years. This is different to what is shown below  from the Regional Transport Report which looked at single year (2011 to 2012) change. This highlights why the NZTA disclaimer says data “are intended to be used as an approximate indication of traffic flow … The content should not be used in isolation”

Annual Regional Transport Monitoring Report 2012-13 page 20 copy


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