Hamilton – Paris – New York comparable urban area

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Hamilton-Paris-Manhattan-London area copy

Hamilton’s land area size lies between that of New York’s Manhattan Island and that of Central Paris

All these cities have access to a river and their heights above sea level are similar: 80m (New York and Hamilton) to 135m (Paris and London). Average annual rainfall ranges from 600mm in Paris and London to 1,270mm in Hamilton and New York. Average daily mean temperatures (12.5º to 16ºC) and hours of sunshine per year (1,450 in Paris and London to 2,550 in Hamilton and New York) are all comparable. The biggest difference comes from the fact that less people choose to work and live in and visit Hamilton.

This can change. The populations of Paris & London increased from about 200,000 to over 1 million in 250 years. New York did the same in a mere 50 years

Having 1 to 2 million people working, living in and/or visiting Hamilton is not unhealthy and is very possible.

Should we ignore this possibility? Should we plan for this?

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