Christchurch cyclist “hit rate”, once every 3 days

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From Stuff on the 30 June

From the statistics, it appears that a cyclist is hit about once every 3 days.

Canterbury University transport engineering senior lecturer Glen Koorey said most cyclists “get through fine”.
Travel survey data showed about 50,000 cycle trips were made in the city each day.
“If you are talking about 150,000 cycle trips every three days for one person injured, it is not a bad rate really,” he said.
“It’s a relatively small chance of something happening.”

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One comment on “Christchurch cyclist “hit rate”, once every 3 days

  1. Crikey that is not helping, get people on bikes ?

    Also, it begs questions around …
    1. How many pedestrians are hit?
    2. what is the rate in Hamilton for either cyclists or pedestrians being hit? Anybody got those numbers?
    3. Is it because of the terrible state of the CCH roads?

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