Waikato Regional Public Transport: Feb 14 meeting.

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From the Regional Public Transport Plan Development Committee Feb 3rd 2014

There were two presentation documents on the agenda.

The first one, by NZTA, looked to be an update of an older report: the graph on page 8 is four to five years old. But the update does say:

Current fare-box recovery target set by WRC is 36% by 2014 and 40% by 2017 and currently exceeding targets

The second was a presentation by staff. This contained three graphs. Two have been covered by TransportblogOct 17th 2013. This one below is more local and suggests change in the Waikato is similar to international trends.

Waikato Vehicle ownership per capita

Lastly the meeting’s minutes noted a verbal report from the NZTA which listed their priorities.

The agency’s priority order was firstly a focus on economic development and productivity, followed by relieving congestion and improving safety

Let’s note that safety is mentioned last.

What does this say about NZTA’s level of tolerance for avoidable injury on our roads?

And how is economic development and productivity measured against the human cost?


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2 comments on “Waikato Regional Public Transport: Feb 14 meeting.

  1. Interesting. I would expect that NZTA’s priorities would differ from the public’s if you were to survey people. I imagine safety would be 1st.

    There’s good evidence that cycling has strong economic benefits and increases productivity, although I don’t think that is well recognised in NZ yet. http://www.fastcoexist.com/3021074/making-the-economic-case-for-cycling-friendly-cities-with-bikeonomics

  2. Also its priorities differ from its objective, this what it say at the start of every report.

    “The objective of the NZ Transport Agency is to undertake its functions in a way that contributes to an affordable, integrated, safe, responsive, and sustainable land transport system”

    Safety get middle place. Affordable is first.

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