New Clyde street roundabout by Uni


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9 comments on “New Clyde street roundabout by Uni

  1. Hmm, it looks like this has simplified the intersection and probably reduced the chance of collisions. Would you agree, Claire?

  2. I’m hoping that they are still working on this. The proposed design was much better for cyclists (and therefore motorists too).

  3. It’s really good at slowing the traffic, but the traffic at peak hour is now backing up to the University entrance into the carpark. Therefore, now we are getting a lot frustration from the drivers…… But work is still happening.

  4. Yes, I do hope they are still working on this. Slowing traffic speed is just one step to making this area safer.
    The raised Platforms and shared path, Starts to look a place for people.

  5. Definitely a safer junction for cyclists now, lanes on roundabout are narrower, speeds are lower, that silly cross traffic lane into Cameron Road has been eliminated. I use this junction daily and really like the improvements.
    The section of Wairere Drive from Ruakura Road to Clyde St opens this Tuesday and I reckon this slow/tight roundabout will stop the western (mainly residential) section of Knighton Road (past the primary school) being used as a rat run to Cambridge Road.

  6. I’m not sure I want to call it a roundabout anymore. Does anyone have experience as a passenger on the impact (if any) this has for the #17 bus route that goes around it on it’s outward journey?

  7. Oh yeah, it’s a strange shape.

  8. They are taking their time in putting the ‘shared lanes’ in.
    I like the idea of getting bikes off the road through roundabouts.
    2 potential issues come to mind with this though. 1 How will pedestrians be protected from bikes? and 2, turning right (taking your 3rd exit) on the round about means that you have to tough it out with the cars – the ‘shared paths’ can’t take you where you need to go.

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