Hamilton Gardens Western Entrance

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There are two parts to the above proposal.


Both aim to provide a local and accessible route to the Hamilton Gardens which does not currently exist,


The first one would be a Hamilton Gardens project, to build a new retaining wall and rebuild the path to a suitable gradient for people using wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The only thing stopping this project would be Hamilton Gardens’ priorities.


The other is on the edge of NZTA-controlled land, meaning Hamilton City Council staff could struggle with the idea of building something that crosses boundaries, even though this was not a problem 10 years ago when they extended the river path on the west side of the river under the Cobham Bridge.


I would suggest there are two things stopping this from happening,

1. The politics around the value of having an accessible route for all.

2. Getting design peer reviewed/signed off, due to council staff and NZTA staff not being able to name a person responsible for this.


The land area for an accessible route exists, but it does need a champion within Council.

Do we know if any of the City Councillors are willing to champion access for all?

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